Transformative Talks


Transformational Education

I have always been a leader... even back in kindergarten. The teacher would give us instructions and I would gather the other children around and work through the exercise.

As Health Educator, I love sharing resources, and empowering people.  Leading, Teaching, and Facilitating affords me the space to reach a larger number of people and make a difference in a more impactful way.

As a Transformational Educator I hold these tenants to be true:

  • Information and Educational workshops should inspire people.  
  • Engagement is the key to retention.
  • Learning includes Laughter--it should be FUN.
  • When people feel connected to content they are able to apply information to their life.
  • Everyone has different Learning Styles - a Great Workshop connects with ALL Audience Members.

I want people to leave my workshops inspired to share the information they learned with others.  I strive to empower them to discover what Optimal Health would be for them, and inspire them to take 1 small action to better their health and their life. 


Virtual Talks & Workshops

Virtual Programs are designed to be:

  • Interactive
  • Intentional
  • Easy to Integrate

Workshops can be individualized to your audience.



Here a some of my most popular titles:

  • What is Optimal Health and How to Get Yours!
  • Making Time for Self-Care
  • Essential Habits to Enhance Your Sleep Quality
  • The Power of YES
  • Kick the Sugar Habit
  • The Magic of Mindfulness
  • The Genius of Gratitude

For programs details, a course outline, or a Speaker's Bio, contact me directly.  I am happy to create a program specific for your audience as well.  

Call Monika Adams, M.Ed. for more information:  360-536-8092.  I'd love to connect.

Corporate Wellness


The Value of Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs help employees:

  • Have better Stress Resiliency
  • Make Better Wellness Choices
  • Implement Healthy Lifestyle Changes
  • Have Better Health Outcomes
  • Meet their Wellness Goals

Programs are personalized to your organization.  Options include: 

  • 1:1 Individual Coaching - on site or virtually
  • Group Programs
  • Lunch-n Learns
  • Health Fair Presentations 


As a Mastery Certified Health Coach, I:

  • Provide Support and Accountability
  • Help employees set realistic and achievable goals
  • Help staff make better health choices
  • Keep employees on track and motivated

The Price of Stress

Employers see the effects of stress in:

  • Employee Absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Burn out
  • Mental health conditions

American businesses estimate $300 Billion cost annually.


Let's Change This!  Get Started with a Corporate Wellness Program today.

Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program may decrease your Organizations' Insurance Premiums.

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?
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