COVID Protocols

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5 in 1 air purifier for your safety
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The health of our clients, our staff, and everyone's respective families is of the highest concern to us. We have established these COVID-19 specific protocols for seeing clients: 
  • No lobby waiting/ no patient overlap in the lobby. Clients text when they arrive, and we wave you in, or text you when we are ready for you.
  • Longer time between clients, for extra room sanitizing.
  • Therapists are wearing masks. We are asking clients to wear masks when they arrive, and when they are face up on the massage table.
  • Strict hand washing protocols (which we have always done) now we are asking clients to wash their hands when they arrive as well.
  • Enhanced sanitizing of surfaces, before and after each client.  I am also using a hospital grade disinfectant on the face cradle.  
  • ALL linens are washed in hot, and dried thoroughly in a hot dryer.  
  • I will take your temperature with a no-touch infrared thermometer (and send you home if your temperature is elevated to 100.4 or greater).
  • I have a new 5 in 1 HEPA and UV Air Purifier.  I use this during sessions and between clients, the turbo setting will completely filter the air in less than an hour.
  • I have a COVID release of liability form asking you about your known exposure, and physical symptoms.  We will ask you to review this BEFORE each session and will NOT see you IF you answer YES to ANY (unless it relates to a previous/known health condition). 


In general, we want to know : 

    • Do you have a cough?
    • Is your temperature elevated (for you), or above 100.4?
    • Do you have a sore throat?
    • Do you have body aches?
    • Are you feeling exhausted or lethargic?
    • Do you have a loss of smell or taste?
Although we know that this doesn't account for asymptomatic individuals, this is what local hospitals, prisons, and the state are asking their patients and employees each day.

I encourage  clients to take their temperature BEFORE their appointment.  During tis pandemic, it is a great practice to take your temperature regularly.  Know what is normal for you.  

When the body has an enhanced viral load we may not realize we are fighting something. The guidelines say a fever is 100.4, but IF you normally run low, then I'd say IF your temperature elevated 2 degrees above what you normally run you may want to take precautions--please stay home.

If you have any questions, feel free to call and discuss your health care concerns, before scheduling a massage.
IF you think there is something more we could be doing to enhance your safety, please let us know.
We are all in this together.
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