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How I got into Energywork 

When I was 10, my mother joined a meditation group.  My cousins and I would trail along, and play quietly as the meditation group cycled through the women's houses.  When I as 15 my mother took up Reiki--One of the women in her meditation group became a Reiki Master, and suddenly all of my mother's friends were practicing Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese system of energy work.  It is a practiced tradition whose studies are handed down through Reiki Master Practitioners.  

Whenever I had a headache, or cramps, or tight shoulders one of my mother's friends was there with loving hands, sharing energy.  

At 18 I moved to Hawaii--to ly the nest and be an adult.  I realized very quickly that I had been surrounded by compassionate touch in my youth. As I launched and became an adult I also became touch deprived.  

The rest is a circuitous story--after I lost my mother to cancer I found my way to Touch therapies.  I got re-acquainted with the Reiki Master that trained my mother, aunt, and cousin... and I pursued an apprenticeship.  I loved it so much that I wanted to figure out how to make a living healing with touch.  I could be a chaplain, or a licensed massage therapist.  


In 2006 I entered Oregon School of Massage as a Shiatsu Student, and nearly completed student clinic when life took a different turn.  I had more than enough credits to graduate with a Western Focus in June of 2008.  I became a Licensed Massage Therapist.


Distance Healing from the Core (DHFC)

I'm in the process of obtaining my DHFC certification, Fall 2023.  

I started following Suzanne Schurlock, through Upledger Institute's CranioSacral Therapy programs.  I picked up her books:

  • Full Body Presence

  • Healing From the Core, DVD Explorations

  • Reclaim Your Body's Wisdom

In 2019 I started studying with Suzanne, I have taken these courses:

  • Healing from the Core, Develop and Deepen Your Therapeutic Presence, Eslen Institute, Aug 2019

  • Five Pillars of Healing from the Core, May 2020

  • Expand Your Energy Presence, May 2020

  • Somatic Body Wisdom to Address Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Re-Activated Trauma, Shift Network, Jun 2020

  • Release & Renewal Retreat, Jan 2021

  • Healing from The Core (online), June 2021

  • Soul Embodiment, May 2022

  • Reclaim Your Sacrum, Reclaim Your Power, Jun 2023

Distance Healing form the Core & Advanced Immersions

2 Year Mentoring / Certification June 2020-May 2022​

  • Decoding Your 6 Body Wisdom Areas, Jul 2020, Nov 2021

  • Four Pillars of Distance Sessions, Sep 2020

  • Dialoging, Oct 2020​

  • Dying with Dignity Immersion, Nov 2020

  • Deepening Your Therapeutic Presence, Jan 2012

  • Dreamwork, Feb 2021

  • Discovering Your Energy Signature, May 2021

  • Decoding the Impact of Trauma, Jul 2021

  • Delivering Empowerment Immersion, Aug 2021

  • Dialoging 2 Mastery Immersion, Nov 2021

  • Demystifying the Ground & Fill, Advanced Immersion, Feb 2022

Other Relevant Trainings 

  • Shamanic Lucid Dreaming, 7 week course, Nov 2021-Feb 2022

  • Reiki II, Hillsboro Wellness Center, 2008 

  • Reiki I, with Reiki Master Judi Stevenson, Apr, 2006

  • Upledger Institute / Barral Institute

    • CranioSacral Therapy (CST) I & II​

    • SomatEmotional Release I & II

    • CST & the Immune Response I-IV

    • CST for Pediatrics I

    • Visceral Manipulation I-IV​

    • Listening Techniques

  • Oregon School of Massage Jan 2006-Jun 2008

    • Shiatsu​ / Eastern Focus

  • Body Talk Access, Dec 2005

Yoga at Home

 Distance Session w/ Monika

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