On Coaching


Why I Coach

I am most passionate about helping people feel better in their body.

I love sharing resources and information with my clients.  As a Manual Therapist since 2008, I have learned that reading a book, taking a class, or visiting a website--for most of us--doesn’t create behavior change. 

There is something alchemical in the coaching relationship.  With the right system, the right support, and the right accountability my clients move mountains--and the changes they make LASTS--FOR GOOD.  

On Having a Coach

IF you want something in your life... you need to develop skills and exert effort.

No one knows how to roll a sea kayak without consistent practice!

Here are the reasons I have my own coach:

  • I feel deeply heard, and valued (even when I fall off track).
  • With a coach, it feels like my goals are easily in reach.
  • I appreciate that I have someone who doesn't buy my Big Story (BS).
  • I love having a support person that encourages me to dig deeper when I am up against it.
  • I value having a coach to be accountable to, as I develop goals and take empowered action steps.
  • My coach is the safe place for me to give voice to, and care for my BIG dreams and plans.
  • My coach helps me clarify the direction I want to go, and the best next step to  get there.
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